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Our multidisciplinary team aims to address all aspects of the financial reality of our clients. Although portfolio management is central, our services cover all aspects of wealth management.


  • Education
    Since we believe that emotions affect investors' decisions, our goal is to help our clients develop better reflexes by better understanding the risks and the structure of the markets.
  • Goal Setting
    It is the long-term objectives of the investor that determine the composition of a portfolio, not the short-term vagaries of the markets. It is by keeping one's attention on those goals that the investor will find success.
  • Determination of risk tolerance
    It is by respecting your tolerance for risk that we will be able to build a portfolio that meets your needs. An overly aggressive portfolio would increase the temptation to sell during stock market downturns while an overly conservative portfolio may reduce potential returns.
  • Development of an investment plan
    Using the information gathered, we select the tools and establish the management parameters in order to suggest an optimal portfolio structure that meets the specific needs of the investor.
  • Continuous accompaniment
    Life is always changing and holds a few surprises. We track the progress of your needs, and adopt the changes that are necessary to your investment strategy. We also provide ongoing education on managing your investments. A good understanding of your portfolio encourages good reflexes and helps to avoid costly mistakes.


  • Retirement Planning and Projection
    Prepare a detailed plan, assess the feasibility of a retirement and explain the options available to you.
  • Protection needs analysis
    Assess your protection needs for you and your loved ones in the event of premature death, disability or critical illness. Professional evaluation of your existing protections.
  • Tax planning
    Establish strategies to minimize your tax burden and optimize the tax treatment of disbursements.
  • Estate planning
    Accompaniment in the implementation or the revision of your will or mandate in case of incapacity. Developing strategies to maximize the estate value passed on to the next generation.
  • Support in transfer and sale of business
    In collaboration with the best specialists, make sure that the sale or succession of your company is a success. Guide you through the choice of structures available, while minimizing the tax impact.
« Sincere congratulations »
Allow me to take a few minutes of your time to convey our sincere congratulations
We have received the good news that your team has distinguished itself in an extraordinary way by earning the Recognition Award for Excellence in Portfolio Management.
My wife and I are so happy for you because we know how committed you are to this amazing,competent and reliable team.
Human principles such as honesty, generosity, reliability are the blocks on which you founded your team and the success that you live is only the result of this commitment.
Jean-Guy Dion et Michelle Voyer
Retired customers
The Cedars
« Human values at work »
I am pleased to know that National Bank Financial has awarded you the Social Responsibility Award.
I know you for expressing your generosity and compassion without waiting for honors in return, but this fully deserved award publicly demonstrates how it is always possible to combine human values with business values.
Thank you for your courage and your wisdom. Your values are a source of inspiration. They enhance my confidence and my determination to work to build a better world.
Richard Bourbonnais
Contractor Client
« Valuable partners »
I had the opportunity to meet Lamarre and Lalonde as part of my professional activities at the National Bank.
I was impressed by their professionalism. Their unique approach, marked by rigor and discipline, makes them a leading business partner for me.
Guy Dallaire
National Bank of Canada Partner
Associate Vice President, Sales and Service - Business
Montreal West and Vaudreuil-Soulanges
« A word from our president »
On behalf of National Bank Financial - Wealth Management, I am pleased to inform you that your investment advisors MM. Christian Lamarre and Guy Lalonde were finalists for Team of the Year as part of the National Recognition Award for Excellence.
This appointment recognizes the teams of investment advisors who have distinguished themselves by their excellent management of financial assets, the exemplary level of service offered to their clients, their professionalism and the exceeding of the various established criteria.
Je voudrais profiter de cette occasion toute spéciale pour féliciter Christian et Guy pour cette nomination et leur signifier toute notre reconnaissance et notre fierté à vous guider dans l’atteinte de vos objectifs, et à faire ainsi une différence dans votre quotidien.
Martin Lavigne
National Bank Financial Wealth Management
« A team you can trust! »
I have known Christian and Guy for several years. You just have to listen to them explain their management approach to understand that they stand out. Their clear, objective and practical explanations immediately invite confidence. Their rigor and integrity, both qualities I feel are essential to their responsibilities, represent for me an assurance of quality.
Pierre T. Allard
Partner, Lawyer
BCF Business Law
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