Wealth Management

Our role as portfolio manager is to manage your assets as to ensure better risk control and maximize reliability of results. However, beyond investments, risk can take many other forms. For example, a poorly written on simply inexistent estate plan, a premature death, disability or critical illness, or poor tax planning are just a few examples of risks that can affect the current and future value of your assets. Our responsibility is to guide, educate and protect you to help maximize the value of your assets and their value to future generations.

Different periods of life, different needs

Portfolio Management

Retirement Planning and Projection

Protection strategies

Tax planning

Estate planning

Accompagnement en transfert et vente d’entreprise

Credit Management

Our approach and our customer approach

Once the portfolio in place, we accompany our clients in an educational process of financial planning, including the preparation of a retirement projection, tax and estate planning and a needs assessment. A complete service plan explaining the nature and frequency of our contacts is given to the customer. We work as a team to service you, and have a network of hand-picked professional partners at our disposal.

Our partners

Estate planning

Me Anne-Marie Laporte Notary

Protection strategies

Martin Bissonnette Financial Security Advisor
Jean-François Delisle Financial Security Advisor

Transfer and sale of businesses

Pierre Bérubé Chief Executive Officer, Mergers & Acquisitions
Pierre Allard Tax Lawyer

Tax planning

Wide network of accountants and tax specialists according to your needs.

Mortgage Financing

Élie Samaha Mortgage Development Director
Paul Espinoza Mortgage Development Director

Corporate banking

Jean-Pascal Cadrin Directeur principal, Senior Director, Business Services
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